Donna Wilk    ~  Botanic Collage Artist     

1st Place, World Wide Pressed Flower Guild Competition, June 2007



Sunrise in the Valley  16 x 12 in.

One of the  the  most colourful works in my collection. It was submitted to the World Wide Pressed Flower Guild Competition held in Los Angeles California, in the spring of 2007. “Colour my world” was the theme for this category and it coincided perfectly with my thoughts and intention to bring colour into my own world.

My husband and I had just moved to a lovely spot on Vancouver Island. Our home was surrounded by striking rock formations and a majestic mixed forest. However not one flower was to be found anywhere on our property. Within days of moving I was on a personal mission to create a colourful garden to complement our surroundings. Sunrise In the Valley is the embodiment of this vision and it won First Place at the competition.

Botanic palette: swamp lantern, fall dogwood, maiden hair fern, pansy, jacob’s coat, delphinium, tulip, hollyhock, scotch broom, hydrangea, viburnum, forget-me-not, buttercup

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