Donna Wilk    ~  Botanic Collage Artist     



Peonies On Grey  12 x 16 in.

I loved peonies even before I knew that the peony is esteemed as one of the most exquisite flowers and is a symbol of nobility and value and has been revered by Eastern cultures for centuries. Peonies are perennial flowers also symbolizing beauty and romance, happy marriage and compassion. In Chinese culture peonies are revered as “the flower of riches and honour”. Artistic illustrations of peonies are often seen displayed on the walls of prosperous homes.

For Peonies On Grey I used the pink peonies from my garden. The flowers were disassembled and the petals were pressed separately. To create an illusion of the light and shadow and to achieve a three dimensional effect I used two different shades of  pink petals, shaping and attaching them individually, starting at the centre and expanding outward.

Botanic palette: raspberry leaves, peony, gypsophila

© 2015 Donna Wilk